Kolt films and music production, we are Romanian based company, we make films and music videos, advertisements, film/music videos promotion-marketing, distribution, events, shooting location and crew support in Romania and  EU countires for individuals and companies, 

Romania is the beautiful country, where we have all type of locations for shooting - Green Forests, Mountains, Sea Beach, Old Castels, Historical Buildings, Modern cities, Beautifull and talented people its a heaven on earth, Romania is the best place for film makeing, 

We do all A to Z work, films/music videos making, promoting worldwide, marketing, distribution, event, launching new stars and talented people, we have nice and big film studios, crew members to do any level of film and music shoot here in Romania, France, Spain, Greece, Austria, Germany, Sweden etc, 


we welcome individuals and companies those who want to do collaboration with us, we promote and help them to enter in film industry with our big network in this industry, we invite all kind of talented singers, new actor/actresses, investors to join hands with us to make your future with KOLT FILMS.